Ultrasound Tech Education Requirements?


Cutiepie asked:

I’ve read that to become a Ultrasound Tech you need an associates degree(community college), followed by a bachelors degree(University) in a health related profession before you can start a 2 year Ultrasound Tech program. Would it be more beneficial to get a BSN(Bachelors in nursing) or a Bachelors in Radiology?

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That is not correct. There are several different routes into Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Most people go through a 2 year Associate’s degree program at a technical college. There a differing requirements for these programs though. Some require a prior degree (in something like Rad Tech) while others only have you complete certain courses first. There are also some bachelor’s degree programs out there, but not very many. Any of these options are fine so long as the program is CAAHEP accredited. (And stay away from trade/for profit schools).

Blaine Halpert

That is not true. You need at least an associates from an accredited ultrasound technician school

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