radiology technician or a nurse?


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i’m a single parent, and i was thinking if i should be a radiology technician or a nurse. i don’t want too much education involved, that’s why i didn’t want to be an RN because i heard it required a bachelors. I think the furthest I could go for is an associates degree. Do you guys think it’s better to be a radiology tech, or a nurse. please tell me why, and give as much details as you can please! thank you (=

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A Radiology Technoligist requires a minimum of an associate degree. A Registered Nurse (RN) requires a minimum of an associate degree. Both are time consuming and complex educational programs.

If you don’t have a reasonbly strong support system it is difficult for a single parent to complete even the associate degree RN program, which is only 1 year shorter than the bachelors degree RN program in most cases.

Look into the time requirements for clinical rotations. Talk to some of the students, as many of the schools have an open house for prospective students. Virtually all RN programs, including associate degree programs have prerequisite courses which must be completed. and the grade points being accepted are climbing as the number of applicants increases.

Maybe what you were thinking about was a Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse. Also called an LPN or LVN depending on the state laws. This can be completed in community to techincal schools in 15 to 18 months in most cases.

The approximate base average US salaries for these are as follows:
RN: $58,000
RT: $43,000
LPN/LVN: $35,000


If you want to get into a field that always has job openings you should be a nurse. An LPN around where I live can complete the program in 9 months. To get into a radiology program around here you have to have a 4.0 GPA and they only choose about 40 people each year.

Nurses will always have jobs. They are in high demand and I don’t think that will ever change. Once you become an LPN you can work and might even land a job where they would pay for you to go back to get your RN. Plus there are so many branches of nursing. You can work with children or geriatrics or anything in between and anything from surgery to a dr.’s office.


I think either one would be a good choice, both pay well. If you do go for nursing there are lots of associate degree programs. The pay is the same as a bachelors degree nurse. I wouldn’t suggest an LPN program as they don’t pay well or have lots of job opportunities or flexibility as an RN does.

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